CAMBr Election season is underway! Visit the CAMBr Election Center to participate.
Nominations may be made through November 15th. .

Results Are In!
Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
CAMBr Elections
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Welcome to the CAMBr Election Center, now open for the 2018 season.

It's that time of year, we are holding elections again. Time to nominate some people to run the show we call CAMBr. Earlier this year the CAMBr Board updated the bylaws to clarify the elected board positions and simplify the process.

CAMBr has three boards, North, South, and CAMBr overall. The elected members of the North and South Boards are the Regional Directors, Trail Directors, Treasurer, and Secretary. The overall CAMBr board consists of the North and South Regional Directors, The Executive Director, Treasurer, Secretary and Marketing Directors. Terms for all positions are two years and staggered. The elected board members can create appointed board positions are needs arise and people are willing to help.

This year the open positions are North and South Regional Directors and the CAMBr Board Secretary and Treasurer.

The Dates
Nominations will be accepted between November 4th and November 15th. Visit the candidates page to view the positions up for election and to nominate yourself or another worthy CAMBr Member.

Voting will take place November 16th through December 1st.

All site visitors will be able to view this entire process, but to participate, you must be an active CAMBr member. Visit to become a member or to renew your membership.

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